• Shabbat DinnerCelebrate Shabbat amongst friends and your UMBC Chabad family

    FRIDAYS | 6:30PM
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  • Shmooze and Shmear
    Start your day off with food for the body and soul
Chabad is built upon the principle of Ahavat Yisroel – an unconditional love and concern for every Jew – regardless of background or affiliation. Chabad is focused on giving every Jew the opportunity to experience their Jewish heritage through an array of innovative programs and classes. Through promoting Jewish knowledge, awareness and practice, Chabad’s aim is to strengthen Jewish identity and to provide a home away from home for Jewish students at UMBC
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Learning & Inspiration
  • The Lesson of the Crab and the Power of TransformationThe month of Tammuz aligns with the beginning of the summer, and that’s where we find ourselves... Read More
  • Behind Closed DoorsThough they don't consider themselves "religious," this couple wants to share the beauty of the... Read More
  • Houses or Households? How do we look at our houses? Do we only see the external—physical residences with roofs and... Read More
  • How the Rebbe Turned Judaism On Its HeadParadigm shift? Radical reversal? Or just a tighter focus on the ultimate goal? Read More
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When will Moses know he has succeeded? When will the teacher know his pupils have absorbed the lesson? When will a rebbe know his people truly have digested all he poured into them? When the student wriggles and squirms and exclaims in exasperation, “If so, what am I doing here where I am? If so, why are any of us here? If so, this is a tight shell, a tiny cell! How long can we stay this way?!” “If so, why are my eyes blind to seeing this truth that envelops me? Why are my ears deaf to the symphony in which I myself...
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